Biosimilar Industry

Biosimilar Industry

Empowering Sales Management Hierarchy to lead teams and deliver results in a changed situation from monopoly to price competition

The Situation

The launch of Biosimilars was a great success and considered a textbook case study with field force achieving 5x growth each year. The situation changed when competition launched the same molecule at a lower price and the targets became tough to deliver resulting in a demoralised field force. The task was to build skills to lead and manage teams to deliver 100% in competition.

The Solution

Through a series of interventions, InteGreat People partnered with the client company to design and deliver customized workshops that worked on an achievement mindset, developed leadership skills, enabled the team to work on bridging the gap and achieving 100%, while retaining people and developing their job related skills to increase in clinic performance.


In the months following the workshops, the teams were highly motivated, were able to execute the sales leadership skills imparted and results improved. The client reported a greater degree of confidence, improved morale and sharper skills to deal with customers and competition.

Workshops We Offer

Sales Execution Edge

In the heat of competition, faced with discerning and demanding customers, it is the core drills of Sales management that enable line managers to deliver results.

Sales Leadership Edge

In the final analysis, it is leaders who develop people, deliver results and drive performance.

Marketing Execution Edge

In an increasingly commoditized market, where products have no clear advantage, the ability to develop a competitive and sustainable strategy that will excite the field force is key.

Business Growth Edge

The Business Growth Edge series aims to develop top management teams to develop visionary leadership, formulate a business growth strategy and build discipline into the execution process.

Customised Programmes

InteGreat People is known for our practical and relevant approach to learning. We begin an assignment with a comprehensive pre-workshop understanding of client issues.