Large MNC in FMCG Space

Large MNC in FMCG space was losing sales due to stiff competition

The Situation

The Client organization was losing market share. Field force was struggling and managerial teams were working one level below since their sales teams were unable to deliver. Sales teams were losing incentives and there was a loss of morale.

The Solution

We worked in the market and understood ground realities as well as competitive strategies. We designed a tailormade module for managers and for Sales executives and dealer salesmen. This was in a continuous development format at 3 month intervals for skill building and review.


Division outperformed, new product launches were a huge success, morale improved, teams began to earn incentives.

Workshops We Offer

Sales Execution Edge

In the heat of competition, faced with discerning and demanding customers, it is the core drills of Sales management that enable line managers to deliver results.

Sales Leadership Edge

In the final analysis, it is leaders who develop people, deliver results and drive performance.

Marketing Execution Edge

In an increasingly commoditized market, where products have no clear advantage, the ability to develop a competitive and sustainable strategy that will excite the field force is key.

Business Growth Edge

The Business Growth Edge series aims to develop top management teams to develop visionary leadership, formulate a business growth strategy and build discipline into the execution process.

Customised Programmes

InteGreat People is known for our practical and relevant approach to learning. We begin an assignment with a comprehensive pre-workshop understanding of client issues.