Participant Speak

We are delighted to contribute to our participants success


The programme taught me how to enhance my productivity, improve my skills and most importantly to have a positive attitude in every role that I play

Ritesh Kumar Dixit

Zonal Manager

All the modules were customized to our personal and professional life. Each module was explained with practical exercise like games. The programs will help me to increase my skills to improve my personal and professional life.

Ritesh Kumar Dixit

Zonal Manager

Learning through games in a very friendly atmosphere, no stress.

Hukam Chand Jamwal

Zonal Manager

The programme has given me a boost of confidence by having a positive attitude and using innovative ideas to develop my people in my region

Satish Mehta

Sr. Regional Manager

This session was an eye opener as it helped me to have a direction on where we have to focus on SE wise to get month on month results and also taught us how to control the rate of attrition

Rajesh A

Regional Manager

The programme was very good. It gave me Insights on strategy implementation and execution and how to go about networking and pre-planning well in advance.

Bhavik Shah

Sr. Product Executive

The programme taught me that accountability is the key. To have consistency to gain seriousness and importance towards the task and to judge people on the task done and not personally.

Subhash R

Regional Business Manager

I now have a clear understanding of how to achieve 100% sales target month after month and improve my skills in every aspect to get better results

Prosentjit Banerjee

Sales Manager

The course and module will certainly help me in reaching a higher level. Sessions on analytical skills, emotional intelligence and conflict management will really help in better coordination within the team and better results for all. I shall practice the learning’s and will be much better equipped to handle the day to day challenges by consciously applying the competencies.

Jatinder Taneja

Zonal Manager

All the issues and topics that we face in our daily field work were covered and discussed. I got my answers on how to resolve them to the maximum, making me confident to achieve 100% results

N. Ajay

Zonal Manager

The programme helped me realize that there is always a scope for improvement and development in spite of good performance. The speaker was successful in making me realize that there is always a new opportunity

Vinod Manchandra

Sr. Regional Manager

I liked the practical approach of learning the subject, timeline and structured distribution of subject. The way the whole programme was conducted was excellent.

Vikas Bhavsar

Deputy General Manager

The programme provided a great framework for improving brand performance and understanding of levers and out of the box thinking without restrictions of field force.

Sidesh Dolas

Sr. Product Executive

Everything is possible when I change my mind-set. I am transformed.


The programme has helped me with time management skills, effective deployment of all resources and a practical approach in building teams

Himanshu Chandel

Sales Manager

All the modules were suitable for our next level and have been designed for our present performance.

Biswajit Shannigrahi

Zonal Manager

These set of programs will definitely help me to develop my team, form me as a good leader who is result oriented.

Amit Madan

Zonal Manager

The biggest problems faced by front line manager today is getting results from new generation representatives as they are not serious about their jobs, we have to force them to do the basic work, creativity is less and they lack self esteem. This programme taught me how to motivate people (new generation) in order to get results

Manish Verma

Regional Manager

I learnt the Discipline of Execution- goal setting, team formation, information sharing, set score card and the importance of understanding your customers and customer expectations.

Dr. Ashwini H Gadkari

Deputy General Manager, R&D (Pharma)

What a great experience during the program! It shows us a mirror to assess where we stand and explains ways to improve skills. The exercises gives us the confidence to handle the situations more effectively to increase productivity.

Sanjay Agarwal

The training gave me a clear understanding on how to get better results by using and analysing data and insight, thinking out of the box to solve any problem, with more analytical skills and creative think up

Hukam Jamwal

Zonal Manager

The modules on analytical skills and leadership were quite effective to open the path of introspection and improved learning and skills.

Rajeev Goel

Zonal Manager

The programme taught me how to go for goal orientation and team building leaving aside all biases and assumptions

Vineet Dembi

Sr. Regional Manager

The managerial development programme has overall helped me in changing my thought process by keeping accountability for my responsibilities. Self improvement by improving my leadership skills and implementation for better outcome.

AP Singh

Regional Business Manager

The program focuses on fundamentals and is practical. It is a highly motivating program. This has changed my thought process in a positive way to perform better.

Ram Upadhyay

Senior Sales Head

This program has given me fresh energy and enthusiasm to analyse the things differently. By giving me tools and techniques, I have now understood how to deal more positively with my team and mu customers. I am definitely more confident to execute strategy.

Awaneesh Kumar