Case 1

Equipping Senior Sales Leaders in the art of Visionary leadership for a global big 5 Pharma MNC

The Situation

Our client, a leading Big 5 Pharma MNC company set out to develop its sales leadership team in the art of visionary leadership.

The Solution

InteGreat People partnered with the client company to design and deliver a tailor-made intervention on Visionary Leadership that harnessed the power of vision and the art of communicating and aligning teams to achieve that vision.


Participants were highly motivated and fired up with the skills to develop a vision for their teams and markets. Participants reported a greater ability to get alignment and commitment of their teams to the vision.

Case 2

Driving growth through Sales leadership workshops for sales management hierarchy of an Indian Pharma company

The Situation

The owners of a mid size Pharmaceutical Company wanted to improve the rate of growth of the company and energize the sales leadership hierarchy as well as improve sales management practices and thereby Sales execution.

The Solution

Through a series of interventions in 3 phases, InteGreat People partnered with the client company to design and deliver customized workshops that improved execution of strategy. By focusing on core drills and an uncompromising obsession with fundamentals, the workshops were delivered to transform mindsets, improve skills and drive growth by energizing and motivating teams.


In the months following the workshops, the teams were highly motivated and the client company achieved record sales turnover month after month. The entire sales leadership was empowered and energized to drive results and reported a greater degree of confidence and sharper skills to deal with customers and competition. For more information contact InteGreat People.

Case 3

Mid size organization, sales were stagnant and field force was demoralized

The Situation

Our client had been stagnant for 4 years at 70 crores with no growth in sales force productivity.

The Solution

InteGreat People partnered with the client company to design and deliver a tailor-made intervention for the Second Line and Front Line Managers. The intervention conducted in three phases focused on, improving strategy execution and building execution skills.


The participants were highly motivated and the organisation experienced a growth at 40% and moved from 70 crores to Rs 100 crores in FY 15-16.

Case 4

Defining the future for a specialty pharmaceutical company- a visioning exercise

The Situation

The owners of a mid size specialty Pharmaceutical Company were looking for a new vision for the future. The organisation had inherent strengths but the teams at all levels were content with the status quo. The owners however, wanted to envision a new future for the organisation and take it to new heights

The Solution

With pre work exercises and a guided workshop, the top management team brainstormed to crystallise a new future in three horizons. InteGreat People designed and led the process to guide the team to leverage the inherent strengths in competition.


The top management was galvanised, projects emerged from the visioning exercise, champions were identified, strategy was formulated and implementation was set into motion to grow at twice the pace of existing growth.

Case 5

Top management mentoring and strategy execution for a specialty Indian Pharmaceutical company

The Situation

Considering the intensive competition and the changed market scenario, the top management wanted mentoring to enable them to develop and execute strategy to capture opportunities and grow the business.

The Solution

InteGreat People designed a process for mentoring of top management and coached them to formulate and execute strategy.


The Top management has grown in concepts, techniques, skills and confidence to take the business to desired goal posts.

Case 6

Developing High Potential second and third line Sales management teams of a leading natural products Pharmaceutical company

The Situation

Our client is a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry with 20 specialty divisions, offering natural and ayurvedic products to doctors for prescription. In view of continuing expansion plans, the organisation wanted to develop its select team of highly successful second line managers to take up senior positions based on 9 identified competencies.

The Solution

Through a series of 3 interventions, InteGreat People designed and delivered customized workshops that worked on enabling the participants to achieve results in their current role as well as prepared them to take up future roles. The interventions were a blend of Functional skills of Sales management, Business acumen, Sales Analytics and Planning, Team Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and self Leadership.


Each intervention was well appreciated by the participants and management and participants reported a greater confidence and competence to execute their roles lead their teams.

Workshops We Offer

Sales Execution Edge

In the heat of competition, faced with discerning and demanding customers, it is the core drills of Sales management that enable line managers to deliver results.

Sales Leadership Edge

In the final analysis, it is leaders who develop people, deliver results and drive performance.

Marketing Execution Edge

In an increasingly commoditized market, where products have no clear advantage, the ability to develop a competitive and sustainable strategy that will excite the field force is key.

Business Growth Edge

The Business Growth Edge series aims to develop top management teams to develop visionary leadership, formulate a business growth strategy and build discipline into the execution process.

Customised Programmes

InteGreat People is known for our practical and relevant approach to learning. We begin an assignment with a comprehensive pre-workshop understanding of client issues.